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Receiving Gauge

receiving gauge


Receiving Gauge


Purpose of using Receiving Gauges


  • For checking several dimensions in a single go.
  • Able to check critical profiles by just placing component over the gauge.
  • Very Precise manufacturing according to the tolerance of the component.
  • Steady reading in high vibration area.
  • Easy to re-range and check component.
  • No expertise required in checking the component.
  • Fast checking (without using Height Gauge or CMM Machine)

Applications of Receiving Gauges

  • For checking critical components
  • For checking assemblies in 1 go.
  • Checking of high volume production in ease.
  • Profile sheet metal components checking
  • Variable profile checking

Assurance of the receiving gauge is done by following

  • By providing the inspection report of the receiving gauge along with the gauge.
  • Checking the gauge on CMM Machine for proper inspection.
  • Calibration of the gauge after the decided time according to the usage.
  • It is used to check the part whether it is under tolerance or not.
  • Complete checking of the part becomes easy by placing the same on the gauge.
  • Gauge 3d design is made for 100% prior assurance of the component checking.