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Pipe Bending Die

pipe bending die

Pipe Bending Die

We are the largest and leading manufacturer of Pipe bending die in India and we are serving the same to many automobile industries in India and some other countries in Europe and Asia. For almost every brand machinery we had manufactured die for. Some of the brands on which our dies are working are as follows

  • SHUSHTUNG Pipe Bending Machine
  • COMCO Pipe Bending Machine
  • SOCO Pipe Bending Machine
  • YLM Pipe Bending Machine
  • CSM Pipe Bending Machine
  • BLM Pipe Bending Machine
  • BALMA Pipe Bending Machine

Pipe bending roller die


The most important part of a pipe bending die set is the roller die as the same defines the pipe bending radius which is called CLR in technical language i.e. Center Line Radius. We are specialized in making spl. Type bending die roller of “1D” bending, 3 stake pipe bending, 2 stake pipe bending die. We are using imported quality raw material to achieve higher tool life. We have made tools for many automobile industries and air conditioner industries.

  • Bending roller made before are from 5mm diameter to 150 mm.
  • Pipe thickness varying from .5mm to 6 mm.
  • Bend angle varying from 5 degrees to 180 degree
  • Minimum bend radius is terms if D which is pipe diameter is .6D in aluminum and 1d in SS.

Clamp die

A clamp is also an important part of the pipe bending die. The function of the same is to hold the pipe tightly until the complete bending process is complete. Manufacturing of the clamp requires critical calculations. For average not so critical pipe bending, length of the clamp should be equal to the diameter of the pipe to be bend. Length of the clamping area “L1” = Diameter of the pipe “D” Serration should be provided in the clamping area of the pipe bending die so that slipping should not occur during pipe bending die. Types of serration which can be provided on the clamp are as follows.

  • Helical grooves
  • Cylindrical grooves
  • Negative angle groves
  • Dotted serration
  • EDM pores

Pressure die

To provide complete supporting pressure to the pipe while pipe bending process is being done, the tool used is called pressure die. Work of a pressure die has a main role in preventing the wrinkles and marks of the pipe during bending. While setting a pressure die on a pipe bending machine we should not exceed the pressure of the same to damage the pipe on the other hand we cannot left it loose as it will create major spring-back angle during pipe bending. Length of a pressure die depends upon the CLR (Center line radius) of the pipe bending die. Length of a pressure die = πR for a 90-degree pipe bending.

h2>Wiper shoe

A wiper shoe is not used every time in pipe bending. The wall factor ratio defines the usage of the wiper in pipe bending die. In critical bending like 1D bending and 1.2D Bending or in case of haven very less wall thickness like .5 or 8 mm wiper shoe is used. Position of the wiper shoe in a pipe bending die is in front of the pressure die and tangent to the center line of the pipe bending die from where clamping starts. Following are the materials in which wiper shoe can be made

  • Amco bronze 22
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Brass
  • Bronze


It is used to prevent pinching of the pipe, which means during the process of pipe bending when pinching is observed mandrel is inserted in the same to prevent it. Position of the mandrel in slight ahead from the center of tangency line of the pipe bending die where the clamping portion starts.

  • Die steel
  • Amco Bronze 20
  • Bronze
  • Long Tool life
  • Provides wrinkle free & clean bending.
  • Precise quality




  • New techniques being used
    • Our R&D team will help to reduce die development time
  • Standardization being adopted
    • To reduce the setting time of die sets on machine



Applications of Pipe Bending Machines


  • Building construction
  • Furniture line
  • Automotive (Exhaust, Seat frames, Stabilizers)
  • Gymnasium Equipment’s- Baby Strollers
  • Chemical Plant- Petrochemical Plants
  • Material handling equipment’s
  • Stores display equipment’s
  • Cycle, Motorcycle frames
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration pipes
  • Irrigation systems
  • Boiler tubes

It provides wrinkle free pipe bending die i.e. clean round bending.

  • Customized design for any pipe bending machine can be made.
  • Profile bending can be done easily.
  • Section bending can be achieved over the same.
  • Square pipe bending with smooth bend can be achieved