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Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machines

Pipe Bending machine



Hydraulic Pipe Bending Machine


  • Cost effective & alternative.
  • High volume production machine avoiding manual power.
  • Produces wrinkle free, clean, repetitive bends.
  • Interchangeable set of tooling for each type of bend.
  • Operates at minimum working pressure for trouble free operation.
  • Memory Capacity: 50Programes with 11 Bends / Program.
  • Mitsubishi Control with HMI are installed to input data precisely


Applications of Pipe Bending Machines


  • Building construction (Windows, Trusses, Interior decoration)
  • Furnitures (Beds, Hospital equipments, Wheel chairs)
  • Automotive (Exhaust, Seat frames, Stabilizers)
  • Gymnasium Equipments- Baby Strollers
  • Chemical Plant- Petrochemical Plants
  • Material handling equipments
  • Stores display equipments
  • Cycle, Motorcycle frames
  • Electrical appliances
  • Refrigeration pipes
  • Irrigation systems
  • Boiler tubes


Bending Process


  • Insert tube over the mandrel
  • Clamping the end portion of tube with clamping die
  • Forwarding of pressure die
  • Selection of bending angle up to 190 degree
  • Press cycle start to initiate the bending through PLC
  • De-clamp both clamping and pressure die
  • Remove bent pipe out of roller die
  • Proceed for next bend and start production