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Ball Mandrel

ball mandrel

Overview on Mandrel

Mandrel plays an important role in pipe bending industries to maintain the good quality of bend as the maximum bending is usually occur without mandrel but in some cases when we are not able to get the bend in proper oval shape and facing the problem of wrinkles at the bend then the mandrel helps in solving these kind of troubles. The mandrel mainly uses in those cases where the wall thickness of tube or pipe is very thin due to which at the time of bending the inner part of the bend is not sufficient to support itself at bend due to which oval bend is not able to achieve and wrinkles also appear. The use of mandrel depends upon some calculations due to which we can tell that the mandrel will be needed or not.

Role of ball mandrel

The role of ball mandrel is same as of the role of mandrel but the ball mandrel usually helps in those bend where the thickness of the pipe is very minor and the mandrel not able to control the non-oval bend as well as the wrinkles. The ball mandrel is not commonly used; these are mostly used with the wiper dies. As these are used for very thin wall thickness pipe so the risk of their failure (breakage) is very high because at the time of bending the ball mandrel bears all the stress due to the thin wall thickness as a result its design must be more precise so that it can easily bear the load without going beyond its factor of safety.

  • It is used to prevent collapse on the outer side of the pipe during bending
  • Plug mandrel can be used for bigger bending radius like 2-D (2X Diameter of pipe)
  • Bullet mandrel can be used for small pipe diameter like up to 20mm